Monday, November 30, 2009

She'll Benefit From Me

In my life
You are now one of them

One of the boys
Who will find a girl he really loves
And never tell her about me

And if your memory
Speaks more quickly than your common sense
You'll cover your tracks
By telling her how much better she is
Than me

But she
A beneficiary of
What may be
The wrong or right

And I was the girl who you just wanted to love
The girl who stuck around too long
To teach you how to grow up

Just so that someone could benefit
From the time that I put in

And it doesn't hurt anymore

Because I won't be her anymore
I can't be her anymore

"The only thing harder than walking away, was realizing that you would never come after me."


Michelle said...

i think that happens a lot in many relationships... we grow and mature through them.

but this is sad "by telling her how much better she is/ than me" especially if you've helped that person grow to be who they are. and then youre left to bite the dust. people like that bug me.

but very nicely written. i enjoyed reading it. =)

BDigi7 said...

i love your poetry and ur writing style. There is much too learn from your words and the style you use them.

Maybe it is the broken heart in me but many of your pieces I can feel deeply. The questions you ask, the answers you are serching for. They are the same with me.

It takes courage to represent the truest essence of your voice and feelings. I can applaud, respect and appreciate that. This glow makes you shine that much brighter....