Sunday, November 1, 2009

Blessed Assurance

I have peace
The peace that I prayed for months ago
And it found me when I needed it
Two nights ago
In a dream
A dream of dancing in a fountain
With the moon shining so bright
That it could have swallowed me whole
And I wanted nothing more

I will testify
That the joy of the Lord is my strength

And the strength has made everything look differently
Everything looks like the moon and God is my fountain
Pouring mercy over me

The strength to let go
Of an 18 year old girl
Who wanting nothing more in the world but love
A yearning in her heart
Since she was 16 and that door was opened so prematurely

But love awaits me

And I prayed that things would be different
But I prayed for strength if everything turned out the way
I knew it would
And above all else I prayed for God's will

The difference of two short years in me
I want the will of God
More than love from this earth
I want Jesus more than my next breath
More than the people I love
More than the memories that play over and over in me
I want Him more

"The Lord is near to the brokenhearted"
I found the verse when I was 14 and it stayed with me
It clung to the broken heart of a 14 year old girl
And it has kept me all these years
The Lord is near to me
And even if my heart has been passed out in a crowd of many
My heart has found completion in the Lord
The broken pieces are restored
And every time they look more like Jesus
I have not a complain in the world

This is what I want my life to be
More of Jesus
And less of me

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Shaun said...

What an awesome picture! This one is my new fav :)