Monday, February 9, 2015


I took the most sacred parts of myself
And placed them inside of you

Burried my secrets in your open arms
And believed them to be kept safe in your tears

Forgot my heart was too fragile to place in another human's arms
That perfection was required to break it's fall

... and you
Were just human

Friday, February 6, 2015

Skipping Beats

My heart still skips a beat
All these years later...
My heart still knows that when you are around it is supposed to be dancing
... but it still skips a beat
Your name appears on my phone like a memory
Dragging me back to everything I dreamed we could be... night after night
All those years
While my heart was skipping beats
I called my dad two days after I met you and said,
"I found him. He's the one."
My heart was skipping beats
Ready to be the first one out on the floor dancing
Ready to rediscover the woman I was meant to be
Skipping beats
I taught my heart to dance to a count
To stay in line
To keep me living
The first time you touched your guitar to sing to me
My heart was ready to fear
Showing you how human I am
Skipping a beat
So, I let you in
Cracked open my chest
Said, "I've been using this skin as a distraction."
And let you watch my heart beat a little differently...
The first time you grabbed my hand and asked me to dance
My heart fell into yours
I stayed
Long after closing hours
After I realized that you had my heart
Without knowing how to hold it
That your fingers were spread too wide to catch all the pieces
To realize how fragile the glue was that held me together
To know that you were the only one
I ever let in that space
Ever took my distraction off for
Was within five minutes of arrest
And cracked my chest wide open
It was only you
Who made my heart skip a beat...