Thursday, November 10, 2011


I tucked courage in with honesty
Shoved them into the glove box
Of a car I didn't own

Too flashy to be impressive and expensive to be practical
And I rode
Tried to pretend like my skin wasn't falling off with the road
And maybe given the right pair of jeans and some Coach shoes
I might look like the girl who is supposed to ride in the front of this car
And a lot of nothing
Just wanting the company

I took my morals and shoved them in the backseat
Grabbed a hand full of dreams and placed them in the sheets
Of every Hilton this side of the States

Took the love of my life
And shoved it into a body too old to be a lover
But screwing me all the same
In more ways than one

I set flames to the life I wanted to live
And kept riding

I occasionally opened the window
Throwing out
"This wasn't supposed to be my life"
And grabbing
"I guess this is my life"
Shoving it in my bag like a belonging

This was supposed to be a familiar pain
A man like all the others
A nothing situation that I sold a little bit of my soul for
They were right... it gets easier to stop feeling

I just didn't see it coming
Nature has it's own way of catching up with me

And right when he was about the stop the car and let me out
He made sure that he grabbed my baby
The size of my thumb nail
And set it under the tires saying

"Life has a way of catching up with you, baby.
Now let me get back to mine."