Saturday, November 28, 2015

I Forgot

She is pale
Has not seen light in so long, she burns easily

She thinks we are still in love with that boy from the 7th grade
I forgot to tell her he didn’t feel the same way
Kept it to myself 
Kept her safe

She was wrapped up in a corner
With the last of my beautiful things 

I forgot to warn her before you found me

To tell her that since we last met
That I finally found myself beautiful 
A few times
And it as much a curse as a blessing

The boy we thought we would meet
Never traveled the world with us
Or told us we were more beautiful 
Than all the statues and monuments 

But he still loves us

Even though he doesn’t know how
Couldn’t find her in the corner
Or his own
Buried under all he is sill afraid to dream

While she were gone 
I forgot to be gentle 
Lost my soft footing
And started kicking rocks

I told her that’s why she’s been gone so long
I’m clumsy
Didn’t know how to hold something beautiful
Without dropping it

I don’t know how to stop lying

That is who I became when she was hiding 

I did not tell her how many people searched for her
With broken pieces and empty words
I knew she was still naive
She would try to lean on them 
And when she fell
She’d get hurt 

I forgot to tell her I needed her
Forgot that she is strong 
Because she isn’t afraid to dream

I pulled my heart out of the last stack of beautiful things
Told her I’m lonely 
And she’s still so young
She believes she can fix things