Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I Watched You Go

This is where I stay
This is where you found me that day
You stumbled all the way to me
Turned around to walk away
But then you found me once more

I remember you talking about how you took too many pills
I stood there and watched you slip into an unconscious state
I helped you crawl into bed
I cried with you
Then I put the covers over your legs
I wanted you to die in peace
It just made me sad that the last thing you got to see

Was my apathetic face

The Things Better Left Unknown

Take me to the land of no where
I'll be there and love will take my hand
Spirits no more than they will
My heart sees past you still
When breath is the best I have to give

Take me to the land of no where
No one's there
God made the untouched places
For those sitting on a line of sanity
My soul knows of sanity
But my mind is always a step behind
I do not know where you lie
I do not know if I could sit by your side

So, take me to the land of no where
Where my birth took place
And my grave has already been marked for an unknown day
Then I will see a new face
Life will unfold before me on that day
And I will walk away

Because I just don't want to know

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

This is where it begins

I can not force inspiration. So, this entry is pointless. I know nothing about blogging, but like everything else it is a learning process. It's probably going to turn out to be mostly poetry. However, if anything miraculous happens that I feel needs to be shared I will of course share it with everyone. So, here it goes.