Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Things Better Left Unknown

Take me to the land of no where
I'll be there and love will take my hand
Spirits no more than they will
My heart sees past you still
When breath is the best I have to give

Take me to the land of no where
No one's there
God made the untouched places
For those sitting on a line of sanity
My soul knows of sanity
But my mind is always a step behind
I do not know where you lie
I do not know if I could sit by your side

So, take me to the land of no where
Where my birth took place
And my grave has already been marked for an unknown day
Then I will see a new face
Life will unfold before me on that day
And I will walk away

Because I just don't want to know


oh amanda said...

Cate, I just can't make intelligent comments about poetry--my mind does not work like yours! So pretty and creative! I liked it!

Catie said...

Very well written. your word choice is always perfect to get your point across and set the scene. I liked the imagery in this on talking about birth and unknown death and such. Very pretty.. kind like you ;) Goodjob.. linda!


Jetoria said...

I think it’s awesome that you want to go to the land of nowhere. I think we have all felt like that some days, but never thought nor could write about it. The whole tone of the poem feels wistful. As a side note, is “love” Jesus in line 2? If so, I understand the poem. If not, then I’m confused. So I shall respond as if I know the answer, which I shall make Jesus. . . ok . . .lost my train of thought . . . oh yeah. . . so I think it’s interesting that even in the land of nowhere, where it’s just you and Christ, your heart still evades Him. It’s like you’ve been doing it for so long that now that you are alone in a place with Him, where intimacy is unmatched, you still evade His love. It’s like you give Him your breath, something that is fleeting, instead of your heart, which is something that can’t be replaced. No matter how much a person moves on from pain, it still leaves a mark. So the heart is permanent and whomever you entrust it to has a permanent affect on it. So why do we fear the love of someone that will never bring us pain? Why do we evade Love? I have this same problem too and when I think about it and the fact that I evade Him, sometimes, it’s stupid. I mean how do I evade God and why would I want to evade a perfectly loving God? It doesn’t make sense but I do that sometimes. So that’s what I feel about the first paragraph, whether that’s what you meant or not. I’m sorry if I got it completely wrong, but its my comment . . . just joking . . . teeehehe . . . anyway on to the next paragraph . . . I love in the second paragraph how you distinguish who God likes chillin with. Even Jesus would chill with the one’s that no one else would be bothered with. God knows us so well that He understands that there is a gap between Him and us. He knows that our soul is still passionately linked with Him while our mind is trying to understand. The thought of God making untouched places just for us, during our separation, is beautiful. And even your soul, the smarter of the two, still doesn’t fully know how to just be with God. The separation from God of these two components makes us feel uncertain and at times lost. We know we are supposed to be with Him and that intimacy is at arms reach, but we just can’t see. We don’t know where He lies and we don’t know if we can overcome the separation enough just to sit by His side. It’s the most frustrating thing to me, personally, because He’s so close and yet so far in my mind. It’s like I can’t range His vicinity because what I use to range vicinity here doesn’t count. It doesn’t even equate. It’s like trying to buy something from a mermaid with a dollar. It just won’t work. So then I sit and think and sometimes cry/yell so ‘how can I make it work’? “I mean how do I get closer or do I have to wait until the end to get that sort of intimacy?” I still don’t know the answer. Maybe some day I will.
Well . . . the third paragraph kinda showed me your point of view on these questions. It seems like your saying that that kind of intimacy can’t completely be received now. We have to leave this world and exit ourselves in order to fully attain Him. We have to go to Nowhere, where He is waiting, in order to be with Him in ways that we can’t imagine. Or maybe we can imagine but even our imagination won’t do it justice. I never thought about our birth first taking place with Him. We were that intimate before. I don’t know why that didn’t dawn on me. And now the intimacy is lost in some ways while we are here, but He is still just as intimate as in the beginning. We just can’t receive it because of the separation of sin and our own foolishness. While we are here we never know true intimacy. Not until that day. On that new day, who is the new face that we will see? I took it as two new faces. We will see His face, that will be new to us in a way because it’s been so long since we’ve seen it . . . or maybe it won’t be new to us. Maybe on that day our memory from long ago, what we have now forgotten, will kick in and we will recognize His face. The new face can also be ours. How different we would look completely holy and in His image? We would not recognize ourselves but He would still recognize us. Because He knows who we are while we just think we know. All truths and lies will be revealed on that day. Nothing is hidden because that is deceitful and imperfect in His eyes. I find it interesting that even then, on that day, you will still walk away because you don’t want to know. I actually feel the same way, but then I sit and think and wonder will that even be an option. I mean, what makes us turn and walk away now? Will we still have that desire? I don’t know. I think about how different, different really will be and I’m blown away in my mind, which as we know is not the smartest. I’m blown away with stuff inside the box. My definition of different is inside the box. How different His definition will be. I can’t imagine but I can’t wait.

Average Terran said...

I am truly speachless! Every line drew me in closer and every word was amazingly placed. I really am in the presence of the best poet of all time.