Sunday, April 19, 2009

Those Eyes

If I ever see those eyes again
I will burst into tears
And surely my life will fall apart

If desperation ever met despair
They would mate
And their offspring surely sits in those eyes

If the depravity of mankind ever came together
Nothing but pure evil
It gained all the energy it could muster
And thrust itself upon those eyes
Looking up
Trying to find a happy place
To escape

Friday, April 17, 2009

Want to Love


Without the feeling of being wrong
But to love
Really love
With no fear of rejection
Or bad choices
Or empty places where my love is thrown away


Oh give me safe spaces
To plant my feet
And chasms running deep
To protect everything
That until now I've kept
For me

Break walls of stone
And lives of sand
Tear down
And rebuild
Teach me to love again

Let love sit
Water it
And make it grow
Into a new life
Little fingers and toes
Stretching out into an endless world
They have yet to understand
Or better put
We have all yet to understand

Makes rivers move
And mountains speak
Oceans knowing their place
Sacred we keep

Run into walls with the force of a thousand men
Tear into places we've never been
Pieces of my heart that I will never see
Until I learn to love
And let someone love me

Monday, April 13, 2009

Clear Skies

I do not regret
Trying to stay away from the infamous linger
But thinking back
If I were to say that I miss anything
It would have to be
The way you looked at me

As If I were the first person you'd seen
And the last you ever wanted to
Brand new
In an open sky
Mind blowing

I want to love you for the rest of my life
Kind of way

The way we don't forget
And remember clearly
Even when I'm 80
And I can't even remember my own family
I will remember the way you looked at me
Shaking the earth from beneath me
Begging the sky to fall on top of us
Never questioning what it would bring

That's how I know
That there is eternity
Bonding on this earth
End not with death
Death is mearly a movement
Until we meet again
And that we hope to
That I hoped always for you

But what if my reason sets in
And I know that the last pure look
That you shot in my direction

Was the last I will ever see
Your blue eyes
Our clear skies

Saturday, April 11, 2009


This was never taught to me
It's mearly instinctual to survive

At the end of the day
Sitting four seats away
From the only place
I ever wanted to be

Knee deep in all the things
I swore I would never be
Making absolutely no sense
Because I write my morals as I go
Whether for comfort or for show

These are the struggles inside me
To lean on all too convincing
Or take a risk that I can only wish
Is the last of it's kind
And do what I believe

See these are the things
So clear cut
Open ended
Never questioned
But now begging to be forgotten

And when my sins find me
What excuse will be given
I was too insecure to let go
I loved too much
And for the first time in a long time
I allowed love to be a good enough reason to stay
When I knew it wasn't
Like everything else
It would eventually go away

I wish to leave it all behind

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Gave up on you

I can no longer long for you
Waiting no longer
I must find something new
You were too perfect to keep me whole
With too large a sense of humor to make me cry
And for that
I walk away
Because you were never real in the first place
Never tangible to my lips or my fingers
Stretching ever so lightly in the morning
Just hoping
To reach for yours one day
But I surrender my dream
Marking it as too far away