Friday, April 17, 2009

Want to Love


Without the feeling of being wrong
But to love
Really love
With no fear of rejection
Or bad choices
Or empty places where my love is thrown away


Oh give me safe spaces
To plant my feet
And chasms running deep
To protect everything
That until now I've kept
For me

Break walls of stone
And lives of sand
Tear down
And rebuild
Teach me to love again

Let love sit
Water it
And make it grow
Into a new life
Little fingers and toes
Stretching out into an endless world
They have yet to understand
Or better put
We have all yet to understand

Makes rivers move
And mountains speak
Oceans knowing their place
Sacred we keep

Run into walls with the force of a thousand men
Tear into places we've never been
Pieces of my heart that I will never see
Until I learn to love
And let someone love me

1 comment:

GKM said...

i liked the last is hard to love and it is humbling to let someone love u..but then we are called to love those who cannot respond to our love..i still remember one of the kids at infusion punch one of the volunteers in the stomach and ask 'do you still love me?'