Monday, November 2, 2009

Remember Me

Today I want my room
I want my bed
I need my solitude

Today I want to walk around
And be happy that no one knows me
And never give them the chance

I want to walk and talk to myself
About all the things I wish I could say
All the things I think

Today I am happy to be with friends
And then happy to be alone

The feeling still hasn't completely come back
And there may be a part of me that is just concerned
That I'm this happy

But I am not fooled by a cruel reality

I will be nicer than I should
I let down my walls to make other people feel better
About their own insufficiency
That's what I do
I am an honest liar

But I know that my world is moving
I know that the people I thought would always be around
Are going
But I am here
In my same chair
Where I watch people move on
And hope that they remember me
Hope that something about me permanently marked their lives

Because one day we will be on other sides of the world
With lost letters and failed attempts to remember one another
And then our memories will be the only places we can see each other
But it fades
Life happens and we forget what made us this way
We forget the people who witnessed our lives
And made me believe in love again
Made me want to stop hating what can not happen
And dance in the love that God has given me
The only thing I ever needed
And never really wanted

But sometimes it concerns me
Knowing that you won't remember me

And I should step out of the scene completely
But friends have a way of sticking with me
Even when no one else remembers

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