Sunday, November 29, 2009

For a moment... it was mine.

So simple
And full of memories

Seemingly unknowing
Today, I put on the ring you gave me
And looked at it remembering
How much it meant to me

The beauty of 10 short lived days
Of thinking
That things were going to turn out
The way I thought they should be

Silly me

And now...

I wonder if this ring will stay with me

Or if it will get lost in between couch cushions
Behind my dresser
Or in my luggage at the airport

And if it does will someone else pick it up
Without ever knowing
What it meant to me
The moment that it nonchalantly became

Or if it stays

No matter where I find myself

I will smile through a tear
At the memory

Of love and loss...
But love all the same

Things that could have been
Maybe should have been
But will never be

I wonder if I will feel happy
Or the sting...


Either way
I know

That I will keep on living
And keep on loving

Because today is always the day
That things get better

1 comment:

Margaret B. said...

I thought about this before too and its still strange to think about... how all of the little objects that we see around us have some sort of significance for someone, we just will never know the story behind it. The object one is holding may have been an heirloom for someone else, or a gift from a passing lover. But it never is just a ring. Instead, it is a story in and of itself.
I think it would just be too mind-boggling to think about the small or great significances of everything around us.
Another cool thing about this poem- I love how you express several different emotions in this one piece. Our moments and our emotions are rarely only filled with one emotion, and one emotion alone. I like how you incorporated sadness and loss with understanding and hope in this piece. I know, on the whole, you're doing and you're gonna be just fine:)
I know I'm preaching to the choir when I say this, but time does heal all wounds. That doesn't mean that objects loose their memories in our heart, but, when set free, the human spirit is a courageous thing. But you already know that! Sorry for the repetition:)