Thursday, November 26, 2009

Tea Please

It would seem
That I always get caught up in things

Somewhere between all my cups of tea
And the seat that I had been sitting on
For eight hours straight in the same coffee shop

I took a good look at myself
And things were tangled back up

I feel differently
Not like the take my breath away
I need you sort of way

But more so "If this is what you want... okay."

It's the pacifist in me

Or the part that knows

That everyday you beg for me to act this way

I'm winning.

This is the realm that I did not want to enter

These were the tangled


Sort of thoughts
That I did not want to have to sort through

The deeper
More malicious motives
That I'm doing my best to stay away from

But sometimes I running out of places in my head
To fit all of the excuses
And I'm asking for more room
So, I'm throwing out files by the dozen

I'm out of room
And out of tea

I'll just take some black tea, please

These excuses are overrated

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