Sunday, November 8, 2009


I need to study, but I am burnt out. So instead, I have been playing all my songs on shuffle to see if I could dance to all of them. Creativity is blooming or being shot down... I can't decide which. I am currently on "Unforgettable" by Nat King Cole, which is probably why I decided to sit down and write a poem. I am terrible at slow dancing, and it feels even more awkward when I'm doing it by myself.

Anyways, that has nothing to do with this poem. I have just been alone all day and I needed someone to talk to (even if it is just a computer screen).

I want to write of pain
That I can not remember
I want something dark and soulful
Somethings that describes a place I have been
With beautiful metaphors
That bring emotions to life
Jumping off of a page and escaping into the imagination
As if I were understood for a split moment

I want to dream of how things would be in a perfect world
Where I wouldn't always have to love people enough to let go
I would be able to keep what I love
And hold on
While life sweeps my into the whirlwind
That is always coming my way
I want to dream

I want to be on earth
Where I understand a reality
That is so far from how things should be
But never completely keeps me from hope

I want to see God face to face
And tell Him all the ways I want to love Him
And all the ways that I do

I want to laugh and cry in the arms of my Maker
Tell Him how upset it makes me sometimes
That my lessons always end in letting go
But how grateful I am
That joy always finds me on the other side
I have loved and I have lost
But losing has never been so beautiful

Nothing can get me down these days
I have a Lover
And He understands me

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