Monday, November 2, 2009


The swirling
Of colors bold as day
Take me into a painting
Of many brilliant things
Reminding me that I am living
And my feet are walking slowly
But with direction

The shades blend into a purpose
A final painting
That will hang on the wall of the saints
Looking differently from all the other masterpieces
Sitting in a hall of fame
Glorifying God
One redemption at a time

Take my life
And paint more brilliant things
Letting me sit in wonder at the life I have been given
More vibrant and full of life
Than anything I have ever seen
Illuminating something that is me
But looks so differently than who I thought I would be

I am broken into colors
Like fireworks

I am broken so that I can find restoration
Healing in a painters hand
Rebuilding the scene with every stroke
Keeping me in mind
With every new design

I'm learning to love like red
Have bluish grace
And forgive in green
I am learning many things

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