Thursday, November 5, 2009

Take My Breath Away

Some need to walk on water
Lay out a fleece
Or put their fingers into His hands and feet

But the only miracle I need to believe
Is to see what God has done in me

I feel older
I feel more complete

I will go places and see bigger and better things
The Lord is doing

I will flatten my heart
And pave a road where there is none to be seen
Because I know where life is taking me
I'm going home
To see my King

I will save this restored body
And this heart filled with dreams
For the one who wants to learn to love
Like Christ has loved me

I will pave a road to my Father
Where my children can follow
And know that this is a safe place to be

I will give all of me

The world is big
And love abounds in the shadows
But I will take it with me
I will never hide Jesus in me
Behind the scars and broken dreams
He is bigger than my failures
Bigger than my disappointments
Greater than all that has hurt me
He is alive in me
Restoring all that was broken
All that was taken

He has made me a person worth loving
A complete person
Worth finding
And when love comes to me
He will love me for my strength
Not because I am fragile
He will never ask me to be less than what I am
He will simply ask for me
The whole version of me
Shining through the darkness
Into a world that looks so beautiful to me

So beautiful

You take my breath away

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