Saturday, October 31, 2009


My life is a book
Of endless possibilities
Keeping me guessing

My life is a child
Watching hearts break through windows
And wondering if I would ever feel the same

My life is a love affair
With a God who put stars in the sky
Last night
Just for me

There are dreams that stay with me
Hope that never dies
And I've been given promises
I don't have to question why
Because I know that there is a rainbow
At the end my sorrows

God has given me rain to dance in
With a freedom I always longed for
And sun to lay
With peace

I have days that I could dance away
And nights when I have to tell myself to breathe
I have to remind my heart to beat

I have a God

And I can't image having survived so many broken hearts without Him
Not having nights
When I could talk to Him
And never question His love for me
Never question that He knows me and He wants me
More than anything
More than the breath He breathed into me when I was a baby
And dying

I can not question God's faithfulness
He has shown me mercy
And this broken heart is all I have to give Him
But it's all He's asking for

He calls me beautiful

I do not understand my life
Not today
But God feels me
And He's mending another broken heart
But surely

Making me see that He's made me worthy
He has made me holy

He has simply made me
With all the love I have to give

And I will never regret
I will never apologize for being strong or happy
I will never apologize for being me

And I love you
I love you to all the depths of my being
And I have no regrets
Because it's the deepest parts of my soul
Peaking from behind the window
At the broken hearts
I know that love is never a mistake
And now all I can do is love you enough to walk away
The test of love

God brought you in my life
And He may be taking you away
But I've learned through all the joys and all the mistakes
And knowledge is not wasted
It is not thrown to rot in the street

It is here in my heart
Where I will always hold you dear
Hold the memories so close to me
Where they are always supposed to be

Where God has made me complete
God has given light to all the dark in me
And I am full of life
Full of promise
A hope for a future

I will always love

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