Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Never Die

I want to fall
Into arms that will hold me

Life has shown itself as a good many things
Swirling quickly
Acting as if it is never ending
Then stopping suddenly
As if the end were sitting before me

I believe

There's not much to grab onto
But I believe that God is good to me
He always has been and He always will be
So sweet that I can feel Him sweep through my body
To just let me know that He's still around
Appearing in memories
Where I had never seen Him before
But now remember so clearly
That the entire time
He was standing next to me
So gently
So loving
Everything that I needed Him to be

I have life
Down to my core
And I always knew
Almost from infancy
That there was something about me
That was immortal
Different from everyone else
And unable to die with my body
There was a spirit in me
A soul, if you will
That looks just like who I am supposed to be
And just like my Father

I have His eyes
Just look
There's a part of me that will never die

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