Sunday, October 4, 2009


Grow up
Then do me a favor
And don't find me

I'm happy
And for the first time I know that I am worthy

I am worth more than "maybe"
More than the possibility of something

Today I know
That someone will love me
Take me as I am
And never wish he had done things differently

But you are cheap wine
In an expensive bottle
And I drank too long
Before I decided
That it's not worth the time
... or calories

I am not waiting for any of you to be worth my time
Because you keep wasting it

I am a pearl
That has been sitting in mud for so long
That I couldn't see what I was worth

Now I know
That I am worth more
Than what I have been taking

For your sake become the man you were always supposed to be
Still flawed
But open to the world
So unpredictable
But lovely enough
That when you find something worth having
You grab onto it like the rest of the world has fallen away to nothing

But not me
Because as arrogant as it seems

I'm grown
And I need someone who is grown enough to grow with me

Just me

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