Sunday, October 4, 2009


Everyday I become more of me
Less needy
Less overcompensating for what's missing
But just me
It's good to be alive
To be free
And feeling

Did this happen slowly or all of a sudden?
But I'm looking at myself from outside
I smile knowing
Who I've become and where I'm going

It's a beautiful thing

I used to think
That I could travel to a place where the grass was green
Where things would fall into place
It would be easier to wake up and look in the mirror

But no matter where I went

It was always the same story
Just different scenery

Maybe life is not as much about seeking
As if happiness is a destination

It's about a journey
Almost standing still
Learning to open my eyes
And see what is right in front of me

See who I was made to be
Letting Him pull me closer everyday

And then without ever looking for it
Or expecting

I find myself sitting in this chair
Wondering how I ever felt any differently

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