Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I saw it like I saw everything
That looked just like those nights
Just like those days
And moving slowly
Outside of my body

The darkness walked in on me again
A wave of dark seduction
That I know like the back of my hand

There were two this time
Like shadows cast over the room
And all of a sudden
I become aware of my curves
And ashamed

I pulled up my shirt
And made sure that my pants
Were tied as tight as I could
Maybe a string could keep someone out of my pants
For once

You won't get me
And I know no one will protect me
So let me be

Let me be
Because I swore once upon a time
That I would never scream
Never again
The death curdling sound of innocence being stolen

Not again
Never again

I've seen the same scene
Over and over again
Just different people
And another place

Don't take this away
I know deep down
That I have to deserve more
Then torn clothes
And broken dreams

Don't take that away from me

But the scene played out

My only defense was the death grip
Of my thighs begging not to be pulled apart

And pulling my shirt up as quickly as I could
As they were
Taking as they pleased
Like soldiers in a conquered city

And when they finally had enough
I watched them go
Looked back at the fallen city
Left in rubble and ash

That was my shame

My shame

1 comment:

Michelle said...

very well written... but it broke my heart. there is fear in it that no one should ever have to experience. =(