Tuesday, December 8, 2009

He Meant to Say

"It gets better"
He said it in his calm collected voice
The voice that he uses
When he wants me to think
He knows

But how could he
He's never been here
Never did that
And knows less than nothing
Then sits around selfishly wondering
Why I no longer feel obligated to tell him anything

"I don't know"
That's what he should have said
And it would have sufficed
It might have even eased the pain
The truth has an odd way of setting people free

But even lies
As believable as they may be
Unnamed for what they are
Still sting
Make me realize
I don't trust him

I almost trust him as little
As he trusts himself

It's raining
Like it does all the nights
That I am without him
And I used to think
That nature was acting out my own pain

But now I think
That it shines on dark days
And the rain is here to wash it all away
Reminding me
That sometimes in the midst of it all
There is still something to be said
For doing the right thing

"I'm sorry"
With the most sincere of tones

That's what the real version of him meant to say

Yeah, that's what he meant to say

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