Saturday, December 12, 2009


Sometimes I fear this all fading
I fear forgetting
The friends
Sitting in chocolate bars in downtown
In our 20's experiencing life
For what always seems like the first time

I wonder if you will all remember me
If some part of me will be left
On your life

I wonder if we will think of these times
When we are about to die

If I will always go home on these nights
Sitting in the condo alone
Wondering why I didn't get carded on the way home
Did I grow up?
When no one was looking
Am I really on my own as much as I think?

Will someone come home and save me from myself
My slightly tipsy self
Sitting at my computer

Wondering if I'll ever have another to wait for
Who will greet me at the door
While I can hear his work shoes
Landing on the floor
From a mile away

I wonder about a good many thing
The mind of a young girl about to venture out into a life of careers
Hoping that she will forever live in these things

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Wow, I really like this. I can really connect to what you say. Exactly how I feel at times. I especially like "I wonder if we will think of these times/ When we are about to die" and "Wondering why I didn't get carded on the way home/ Did I grow up?" Simple, yet profound phrases. Seems a little sad, but I love it.