Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dance With Me

Looking out standing
On top of the roof
The city lights swirl
All around me in every direction
Beaming down on me
From impossibly tall building
Defying gravity
One metal scrap at a time

I twirl
Like a little girl
In floral print dresses
And a matching bow

This is where I belong
I want to experience everything
Being lit by the lights that I see
And breaking from the cement block
On which I am standing

There are things going on
I can feel it
In one of those buildings
A man is on his knee
Pledging eternal love
Love everlasting
There are people making memories
That build a lifetime

It makes me want to climb
To the top of one of those buildings
And have one rare night
Where I kick off my underground dancing shoes
Put on a pair of heels
And my little black dress that I've been saving for years

Reaching the top
To find flowers waiting for me
Held by gentleman
In a pressed tuxedo
And a nervous smile
Fading into a grown sort of confidence

Take me to the tallest building
Call me "Baby"
And hold me
Teach me a new kind of dancing
Tango with me
Set a woman free

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