Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Why Remember?

I remember so well
I remember everything so well
Your silly smile
And the face you made
After you put too much tequila in your drink
The way that you didn't talk right away
Because you said that you're shy around pretty girls
And I knew
I wasn't born yesterday
You met new girls every week
And I would have been foolish to think you cared about me
But my fragile heart
With a stone wall exterior
Was reaching for anything
So I aced your king
I was playing the winning hand that night
I took the table
And you took me without a fight
I guess I was more foolish than I thought
Or I would have forgot by now
But your smile won out
And the way you breathed down my neck
And ran your fingers down my back
Makes me want to scream, run, and cry
Without ever letting you know why
And out of all those girls
You still remember me
And I still know
I know why
But as much as I hate it
As much as I fight it
And as strong as my heart is now
There are a million reasons to leave
But if you gave me one reason to believe you
Then I would go your way

1 comment:

Chris said...

Thats not like you to give in to anybody. This one just blew me away