Saturday, March 8, 2008


Look at me
And tell me there are no secrets you keep
'Cause I feel the walls
Farther than your words
And sometimes we lie
Completely unaware
But I've ran into the cold stone
The familiar feeling
Of friendship gone as far as it can
Because some people
Love walls more then relationships
And then sit for hours on end
With a cup of tea pondering
Why things never seem to pan out how they seem

I just wish I could put you in a box
And I wish you did not color outside the lines
But we are all careless children in some ways
And people were never black and white
Not like morals
And boxes contain
But people
Channel passion
But with that passion
Flows rights and free will
That makes secrets so easy to keep
And walls so easy to build
And love so easy to reject
And confusion sets in
Then times
Even tea
And asking why
Won't open a persons eyes
To see
That maybe the walls are not around everyone else
Maybe they are around me

1 comment:

kbtait25 said...

I have a big issue with walls, myself. Had a long relationship in high school that didn't quite turn out the way we planned when I went to college, and I've had emotional issues ever since. Could never quite seem to get another relationship going with anyone else, though there have been a few prospects. Because of my walls, I still have feelings for that girl, and I've refused to allow anyone else to enter and be rid of those feelings for good.

Needless to say, this poem struck a chord. Thanks.