Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I had no idea
Even hours ago
That life would put me back on this porch
Sitting three steps down
Looking out
Wondering how I got here
Wondering why I sat here
Wondering if I could ever breathe here
Was it ever alright to be here?
Maybe God knew all along
That had this been less than a year ago
I would be getting drunk and high
Laying in another man's bed
Begging for love again
Wondering why again
Trying not to cry again
But as much as I crave immaturity these days
As much as I need to be young and free
I have more freedom now than I cold ever need
And I'm still just a few days past birth
But I know this time
That alcohol falls out of my system
The cloud in my brain has to clear one day
Then I would find myself back on this porch
A little older
And a little less mature

Maybe God knew
That this time He has to be my first option
So, I can finally be everything
That I was always intended to be
And broken was never on that list

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

I especially love this last line...cause it's so unbelievably true.