Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My Life Tonight

My feet are still moving
But my momentum is down
And I'm no longer going
Constantly running
Into a tower as massive as the sky
And farther across than I can travel
And now
I feel more distant than ever
And the space between myself and the rest of the world
Is a canyon
That can not be scaled by life or love
I can hardly see people in the distance
And I don't expect understanding
Or love
Or real friendship
Because I can not keep purposely setting myself up
To fail
And fail I do

I never want anyone to touch this heart
Never again
And I don't want anyone to know where I am
Or take me by the hand
Because now I know
That this world was built for us to all feel alone
On a island
On a planet of our own
A universe where arms can not reach
And good things only abound in dreams
That are so dark tonight
With a line
Shinning bright
That might protect this dimmed life
Lost love
And hope temporarily turned into ice

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