Thursday, March 6, 2008

Spirit of Love

Did you ever need to know someone was there?
To look into the sky
And see everything you never saw before
When reminiscing has died
And the only road is moving forward
To see love and war
Knowing that somewhere in it all
There is innocence hiding
To be found beneath all that has been seen
When heartaches cease
When broken families are made whole again
In the brief moments
Life is perfect
The world is perfect
And a blanket of peace covers you in your sleep
You weep
Tears of joy
Pain leaves
And love flies freely
Where all can see
And the world suddenly becomes a better place
Because one human being saw the light
And gave it to a child with no food
A widow with no money
A man who lost his wife to a long fight
A girl who lost her heart in a dark alley one night
A world with no hope
Bleeding from the inside
A dream broken by rejection pouring in from all sides
Mountains of people with no names
Hundreds of babies with no faces
Millions of people lost in their own search
But in the middle of it all
A light
That was caught
A hope that was held on to so tight
When dreams were never too far out of reach
And suddenly women no longer fear
Bringing children into a hopeless world
Because there is hope
And even when we do no see
A God who has been to every place
We hold so dear to our hearts
So dear to our souls
That no man will ever know
And no lover could ever break
And starvation can not rob us of
The spirit we all hold inside
The spirit of love


joanna said...

Your poems always make me appreciate all aspects of life. Positive and negative, suffering and grace, hate and love. I think that is a sign of a great artist. And what a great feat it is to look at life as a whole, not in pieces. :)

Jennifer said...

This is my new favorite...
You know what I think, should go through all your poems...find your best ones, edit them and then make them into a collection.

I love you.

And I don't think you're overly dramatic.