Sunday, March 9, 2008

Dreaming. But Not for Me

Oh me
My silly self
My silly dreams
In the scope of everything
And all that could be
My plan might seem to be
All that there is for me
But what if there is something so much better
Something outside of a 9-5
That would make me a hero behind the scenes
Because all who aspired for spotlight
Found that spotlight eats through the skin
Digs into the soul
And changes the heart
While they don't even know

But me
Oh me
Silly me
Silly dreams
I just want to be behind the scenes
And mean something to a person
Not a crowd
Mean something to a little girl with no parents
Something to a little boy with no shoes
This is my new dream
With new love
And new hope

Maybe they are right
Nothing ever turns out how we want it too
But sometimes
With grace and surrender
Things turn out better than we imagined them to be

And laying on my death bed
I don't want to listen to my children
Fighting over my will
I don't want to listen to grandchildren
Screaming because mommmy won't let them have a candy
I want to hear the sound of the nations
Of the faceless children
Of the hopeless hearts
Singing a song of love
A song of peace

I want to lay and know
I heard the call
I went when He said "Go"
I want to know
That the world is a better place
Than it was when I arrived

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