Sunday, March 16, 2008

The End

Like a maze
They spent all their time running
Running in a daze
But you stepped up to the plate
With the blue prints in your hand
And walked right in
A fresh breeze blew through my heart
And I gave you the part you had conquered
The part that was meant to be given away
Before I knew how to love
But there was no manual on who to love
Or when to let go
And the second you walked out of my life
I became a shell of a person
Hollow-void of life and love
The blood running through my viens went cold
And I realized
I gave my heart to a stranger
So, ever fiber of my intricate being
Went to get it back
And finally I want no more
I've bolted those doors
It hurts to think of being without for eternity
But it would hurt worse
To let you short cut back into my heart
Day after day
And I would live with the same pain
For a life time

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