Sunday, March 2, 2008

Be Wrong for Me

Mommy, please be wrong
I need you to be wrong
Filling my head with bitter thoughts
I would have figured it out for myself

And is it not true of everything?
That the world needs success
The world needs healthy people
Because that's where the broken draw strength from
Maybe, just maybe things turn out right

So, mom... Why did you jade me?
With you're words that were supposed to protect
I remember clearly
I was 10 years old when you gave me the speech
You told me what men want from me
You told me never to believe anything
To consider men to be liars and animals
Because that was going to protect me

It never did
It made me bitter and angry
And when someone came along
Who said he loved me
He was just that to me
A liar and an animal
And when I tried to prove you wrong
He proved you right

So, now
What should I think?
Is there anything out there left for me?
Does bitterness belong in my soul?
The same bitterness that you gave me
8 years ago

Why can't I sit back
Accept love
And give it back

Because you taught me how to hate animals
And call a liar

1 comment:

chris said...

Ouch. Strong words with a very powerful feeling that goes along with them if you know the situation. Your writing is outstanding Catie