Monday, March 3, 2008

Going Back and Moving Forward

Stuck in the back of my mind
Racing on a wheel
Turning still
Over and over again
I know this time
That the mind is a powerful thing
Twisting and turning
Until I no longer know what to believe
And I was fooled once again
By my own thoughts
Thinking of all the good times
That it in light of retrospect
Look so much brighter than today
But once again
I jumped the fence
And realized
There was a reason I left in the first place
And as much as the memories play with me
They are not as bright as they seem
They are stained with sin
With broken dreams
Pain that no one could see
No one but me
But my mind convinced me not to believe
Convinced to look behind me


Jennifer said...

the past is a much easier place to be...because it exists only in your mind...and you can make it whatever you want.

This particular past was definitely NOT good...but you know that.

YOU are were then...and you are now.

Kim said...

I really like this one. I think because you basically took the thought right out of my head but made it sound better.

It's really quite remarkable all the things that your mind can do-- make you remember things that were never there and believe things that aren't true.

chris said...

Exellent writing here. Its amazing how your thoughts and emotions just seem to pour out into your writing it makes it all really incredible and heart felt.