Saturday, March 22, 2008

To Be Me

I need not underestimate
The choices I have to make
And now I choose to be happy
To believe
Uncontrollable magnificent things surround me
I see
I love
To breathe
I need
And I found it
With the only One who ever really knew me
To live
And understand what that means
When all that surrounds
Is all that I need
In a dream so real
I can feel it, touch it, taste it, and love it
Inhaling life into all the intricate parts of me
All the complexities
That have become my identity
To take the place of the empty space
That occupied the room
In the middle of my heart
Farthest away from the outside
But now I know who I am
Because You told me
Then You taught me
How beautiful it really is
To be me

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