Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I Want to Live the Life

Whisper words to heaven
About it all
And what I came up lacking
After the fall
For the wisdom of Solomon
The courage of Esther
The faith of Job
And the strength of Sampson
In a time
When there were more pressing matters
Than this life
In valor
In honor
To the One who gave us life
To brave deaths
Like the disciples
In loyalty
Like that of Ruth's
When death comes before disbelief
I want to stand
For all those
Who to us
Only exist in stories
I want to live and die for what I know to be True
I want to sit with the saints
And inspire others to find You

1 comment:

Jetoria said...

This poem is gorgeous Catie. I can't leave a detailed comment because I'm on my way to class, but this poem is truly beautiful. It shows your growth in Christ in so many ways.