Friday, June 27, 2008

Wear my Wounds

We never tattooed bitterness onto our bodies
But we froze it onto our souls
Turning us into ice
From the inside out

Well, maybe he should have cut off his ring finger
And maybe I should have tattooed a skull over my heart
So we could wear pain on our sleeves
Instead of crying for help where no on can see

I've spent so much time chipping away at my ice
Just to watch more form in it's place
And no blemish on my soul can go unnoticed
It always finds a way to show

My ice first became promiscuity
Then it turned into shame
And now it's anger

And no matter how used to my ice I've become
Or how many times I've tried to torch it
I still can't walk away
Not when I see your face

Like yesterday
You stood behind me
Pretending to have found something I'm lacking
But no matter what
I know that your soul is frozen solid
And one day you will destroy yourself
At the hand of your own pick

The only thoughts that linger when your shadow left
Is that I can run the pick straight into your heart
And tattoo the sin on my body
So everyone will know
That love walked away with the best of me


Fadi said...

Wow all i can say is i love it :-)

Jennifer said...

Dear Catie...I already told you what I think about this poem...but I guess I will tell you again: hearing you read it gave me goose bumps. You've gotten really good at putting hard-to-express things into words that capture them. I love love love this one. Its very honest. Very you.

I love you :)