Saturday, June 14, 2008

Find Me

I lay down every night
And reach for your arms
Equally surprised every time when I don't feel anything
And I find myself responding to your whispers while I sleep
Stop hiding from me
I'm starting to confuse reality with my dreams

Sweet relief find me
And wrap your strong arms around me while I sleep
I want you to be my last reason to leave everything behind
And for the first time in my life
With you by my side
We could run to the ends of the world
And move to every continent
For no good reason

We could forget the politics of life
And love with the love that confuses the rest of the world

And if you break my heart
If God takes you from me too soon
It will be the first time I look back
And everything was so worth it
Because you taught me how to live

So, this phantom comfort
From a half phantom past
Is the last thing I want keeping me company
When I'm old
Or when I'm lonely

So break my unintentional fall
And make me believe again
Like I was never hurt
Like I had never loved and lost

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