Friday, June 13, 2008

My Voice

I fell subject to you
Grasping your arms around me
So tight that I could not breathe
And you took more than you thought
You took my voice
Specific to me

And when the sound that escapes my lips
Is a breeze
Floating by
I suddenly feel
The time has come to break free
And scream
To the world
If for nothing else
To let everyone know
That I was given a voice
And by God I mean to use it

These are just the things
That we posses as human beings
But allowed to be dulled
And trampled on
Then one day
We're old
And haven't really spoken
In years

These are the shames of humanity
The wastes of potential
The sly manipulation
That the power hungry
Use to silence pure voices
That speak seeking only pure love
And a world where we can all believe
In the great things we have yet to see

1 comment:

Margaret said...

I can relate to this poem in more ways than one, and in it, I also see the journey that i made (actually, that I'm still making)towards getting my power back. It is true, there is something dark inside of some people, something that wants to inflict hell on earth. And even when they are physically gone they seem to intimidate us somehow, so that we can never speak as honestly or laugh as loudly as we once did. It takes a conscious effort to recover. To a certain extent, it also takes anger. We feel anger usually as a signal that someone is trying to gain power over us, and we certainly have good reason to be mad about this. As a matter of fact, I think feeling anger is the first true step to recovery, because in anger there is that determination to act. We should be mad that there are people who would hurt others and steal from them the quality of their life. We should be mad as hell. Very good poem Catie, you know its a good poem when it puts your reader through all sorts of thoughts and memories. Very good job!