Monday, June 9, 2008

It Could Be True

The closer I get to people
The farther I drift away from the world
And the point where you end and I begin
Is miles long

Is much like peace
But we all still hope for it
And some of us fools
Even think we might reach it

And I want to learn to be fearless
But I fear being alone
And your words
That cut me to the bone


Was I ever brave?
Did I really believe...
All the things I used to say
And why do I wish for change?
Fighting the predominant beliefs

One day I may wake up and realize
That I wasted all that energy on nothing
A stagnant society
And one day I might wake up
With my eyes open for the first time
And dry my tears while I watch the water come in
From all sides

If the day must come
I hope I die before I see it
That maybe we're all wrong
Maybe music and songs just taunt us
A delusion of grandeur
Telling us that things change
Someone cares
And we are somehow all together

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

people can change, Catie...But we can't change on our own and we can't change for other people...

but Jesus came so we could change. To prove to us "that things change
Someone cares
And we are somehow all together"

And I'm not sure how it all works yet, or what this change is supposed to look like, but I believe in it...

Jesus came and brought the kingdom of heaven. He changed the world...he used 12 fishermen, and prostitutes and people who used to wear their sin on their sleeves and nothing has ever been the same since.

But also, he used the people who wore their sin on their souls...people like Paul...people like Nicodemus.

What he did, it didn't make sense. And we're never going to understand how it worked or why it keeps working, but it does.

I love you.


p.s. I think you are ridiculously brave (and that's better than being fearless) and you're never alone.