Thursday, June 5, 2008

How Do I Love?

I can't go my whole life angry
It's exhausting
Deadly enough to kill me
And I can't leave
Because I know deep down
You might not try to find me
And I can't tell you
Because I can't let you hate me
Did your love really run so shallow?
That infants took all of mine
And you only have enough
To fit in 10 little finger and toes
Why did I have to act grown up?
I wasn't you know
I was still a little too young to know
Where I needed to go
When my life
I don't want to be angry
Because anger and love can't hold company
One has to go
And maybe it's time that I know
I was called too love
No matter how much I hate
How little you seem to love me

1 comment:

Chelsea said...

Wow Catie. I especially like this one, either because I relate to it or it's just one of my preferred blogs, I don't know. "Anger and love can't hold company," beautiful wording.