Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My Waking Dream

The song replayed over and over
Like it was the melody of my body
As I continued to breathe
To the same tune of my heart beat
And thoughts fired more quickly than my mouth could speak
Which is why I was silent
With no more than words
Playing over and over
And to hear the same tune
Playing over and over
On the radio
Always caught me by surprise
Because it seemed like it was always mine
And I wanted the words to become my actions
To stay here
To lay here
While the clouds moved over us
Like the dew on the leaves as they wake from sleep
And the clouds would soon bring night
While we stayed there
Not moving
Just listening to the sound of our breathing
To know that we were alive
In a trance
And together
Which is all that ever really mattered

But now I want to drown out that melody
As bittersweet as it was to me
I can't stand to hear my dreams
Sang to a drum beat
With the world listening in
As if I could never keep a secret again
I still watch the clouds sometimes
I just don't speak of it
As if it were one of those moments
That is so intimate that it was not made for another's ears
Just me
Watching the clouds call the night
While I close my eyes
And feel you resting by my side

The moments where I live in my day dreams
And never want to arise from my waking sleep
It's just me
Drowning in a pool of dreams
That are so much more precious to me
Than anything else I've ever seen

And my father may call me obsessed
My mother may say that I've fallen on the wrong side of a swing
But these dreams are just for me
To live in a place where life was simple and sweet
And all I ever wanted
Was for you to forget the world
And lay with me

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