Saturday, July 26, 2008


The wind was blowing my hair
The same way that it was blowing the tree tops to the ground
Tears began to flow down the side of my face
And for a moment I wished the wind would tunnel
And take me away

I used to love the way the sky turned green
Right before a tornado
I used to watch the lightening strike all around me
And wonder what else was out there for me

But I can't do it anymore
The wind blows traces of old days across my face
And the best memories are also the worst
And they all hurt equally

I've just been running for so long
But no matter where I go
There is always the same smell before the wind blows
And the lights dem the same exact way

As long as I'm on this earth I will never escape
What happened
I can't drive around this town anymore
I can't even look in the mirror
Because my body bears the scares
That I placed there to suffice
For my crimes

Have I always been this way?
Will I always hate the rain
The way that it washes over me
But never washes me clean

I just sit inside and listen to the wind
Wanting to be in the action
But I can't go alone
I just want to be at peace in the storm

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