Monday, July 14, 2008


I wrote this awhile back, but it's one of my favorite poems so I'm reposting it!

I wore that scandalous shirt
And I saw you look my way
I formed that familiar sly smile on my face
While I shook my hips and stepped away

And you thought I didn't know what I was doing
Why would I purposley...
Wear a short skirt and step straight into a breeze?
But then again... you don't really know me

And then... how was I supposed to know
That shirt was transparent
And... of course
Those black lacey undergarments were the only thing that was clean

So, don't let my blue eyes fool you
I'm not naive
And I know your thoughts all too well
So, I sit back and drink in the sweet taste of victory

That one last party
And you guy number 4 of the night
(shhh... it's a secret)
I knew that look in your eyes

So I took my body
And it took your self control over the edge
There was lust bleeding out of your eyes
And I was looking at everything from the outside

It was strange how you thought about me for weeks
And I conveniently forgot your name
And that same night that replays over in your dreams
Never meant a thing to me

So what happened to me when I reached that place
When all pride was stripped away
And power had been pulled from my hands

I just snapped
And what you took from me
I took from everyone else

And now they pay for your crimes
I didn't care about a single soul
And I would have used them all
If I could only take you for one last bad ride
And walk away while you were still stuck on that one last slide

So, all those boys
I chose for a reason
Because they were easy to seduce
And easily attached
... and intoxicated

And when they got upset I laughed
And when they couldn't let me go I laughed a little harder
Pathetic and weak
So I treated them the same way you treated me

So, this beat up body had one more purpose
To take the weakness of the earth
And destroy them with it


Bethanie said...

Catie, that is an amazing description! I read it, and it sounds like how I feel half the time.

chrisandcass said...

Wow. Thanks for putting the enemy on blast. Once his secrets are exposed and brought to light he's powerless. This poem and delivered a crippling blow!

My bishop has a saying the echo's in my ear often. He encourages us by saying, "Don't waste your pain." We all go through things. Hard things, painful things, and agonizing things. Use it for good. That's what you're doing by writing this poem! I'm so proud of you!