Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Prayer

I see You everywhere
In everything
Reminding me constantly that I need You
I'm just human
Requiring love
And You're always here to give it to me
As if I ever deserved love or peace
But I've come to accept
That I don't have to
Because You've always been enough for me
It just took me awhile to realize

I know I've had my ups and downs
I know that I run
I turn and turn and I fall down
But through everything I've known
And all the places I've been
You were there all along
Calling me
Reminding me that no matter who gave up on me
No matter how many times I gave up on myself
You could see
Everything I was meant to be
And as little faith as I have
Just know that I believe
I believe more than I believe in anything I've seen
You're love captured me
And I'm not letting go
And now
I can accept now that You're not letting go of me

Protect my heart
And be the only one who breaks it
Protect my body
And be the only one who takes it


Joanna said...

man that last paragraph is tight!

Allison said...

I'm glad He sees us as everything we are meant to be. And I'm glad you pointed it out :)

It's easy to forget. And it's hard to see other people that way.