Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Heart Longs

Bring me to the cross
Where my burdens roll away
Call me to Your feet
To stand another day
Cover me with You're love
So I want for nothing
Fill a heart that's always searched for something

You're my first monogamous relationship
And I've betrayed You time and again
But You're grace covers me with
Love that knows no end

So take my adulterous heart
And turn it into Yours
Take my wayward thoughts
And always mean to me more

In love, life, beauty, and mercy
May You're heart become more of what I see

In the world that surrounds
May Your protection surround me

And blessed assurance that You are mine
Grace and redemption of misconstrued time

I wake up morning by morning
As Your will should drive me
I take time to tell the story
Of how Your love found me

May the people see You
And Your love wash over our sins
To bring peace to a fallen people
Bringing hope that never ends

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