Monday, February 2, 2009

A Gift

Three feet under
Better than six
But I was really getting used to two
I could almost feel the air
There are times when life it too long
Only about 4 hours longer than too short
It's always a short balance we live in
And I'm finding virtue again
In strange places
In strangers faces
The things that I never see coming
Sometimes there is too much love to be honest
There is too much to risk to just come out
And speak as if I really claimed it
And there are babies that pick up the check
For the life choices of their parents
There are children that are too innocent to know
Just where life will take them
There are girls who walk into traps
Almost like they were asking for it
Because the perpatrators
Of course
Are in no way responsible for their actions
Consequences are the way we understand
But the world takes them away
As if they were here to harm
Because who would ever stop sleeping around
If a baby couldn't just be scraped out of their uterus

Don't we just love every second
Of every day
That we can stop paying
Except nothing mends the soul
The way that the body mends itself

And now children stop dancing
People stop loving
Hope fades every second of every day
And no cares enough

Except in small moments
That I wish to live in forever
Where the world fades away to almost nothing
As if I lived in a light
So magnificent that I forget
That sometimes my family can't see me
Sometimes I freeze and I forget to tell them
I'm here
Sometimes people hurt me
And I refuse to admit it
But moments
When it doesn't matter
Because I see people for all their beautiful faults
That make them
And make God
These are the moments I beg to live in
Alive on earth
But in an illuminated view of what life is
And all it could be
Who people are
And all that they were intended to live for

All is bad
But all is good
And to see the balance where God is ever present
Is a gift

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