Friday, February 20, 2009


My feet get cold first
Because they're the farthest from my heart
But my soul stays warm
Because as far as I know
It lives in my left ventricle
Before the blood is pumped
To the dull
Life needing parts
Of my body
So close to me

When the wind blows
It never feels cold
As long as I can find my way back to my soul

Where I house my family
Where God rules my domain
The place that I keep so near
Sitting in my bottom of my heart
Saturated in the very fluid that maintains to the life
Of a body born to fight

This soul knows too much
But sometimes too little to speak
So I write these words
For the very parts of me
That have no voice of their own

My humanity has caught up with me
Many times
And I've apologized again
But mother doesn't seem to know
That whatever sting staring at death may bring
She's always warm in my soul
Where I hear her sing

And time is precious these days
So why do I waste it
As if someone could read my mind
Or possibly tell me what to think

So once again to my family, I'm sorry
That I don't tell you the things my soul breathes
And I used to get so angry
Feeling like you never really saw me
But you see as much as I let be
Set free into a tangible world
Where people can see

And so far only God has restored
What I broke
So many times
On accident
On purpose
With all intents of being able to fix it

But the older I grow
The more I know
That I don't control much
So, on the best day of my life
I let go

And God proved faithful
The voice of my soul
That has restored the lives I broke
The things I took
The words I never spoke

So this is the story of a soul
So warm in a world so cold
A family that never did know
All the ways I care
Until almost 10 days ago

My God is faithful

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Jennifer said...

I like the new look, Catie! Also, I still love your poetry and I will try harder to comment more, because I love you!!!