Tuesday, February 17, 2009

He Knows My Heart

I've spent countless days
Getting to know myself
But He still knows my heart
Better than I ever will

Sometimes things just seem to happen
Life slips out of my hands
And for brief moments I have the sense
Of being completely out of control
But now I know there is Someone bigger than everything else

I never thought I would get here
I forever thought events would rule my life
I would never be acting
But always reacting to those moments
When things got too out of control

But flowers have become more beautiful to me now
Life has become more meaningful
And sometimes I forget to step back and realize
That I'm here
In the very place that I've longed for my entire life
But never knew how to find
Where to reach
What to say
And how to let go

But God knew my heart better all along
As if the entire time
Even when life was held in my hands
Ever controlled by my shaking clutching fingers
I wasn't ever in control
God was taking me by my shaking hand
Scared to death
And not knowing
That He knew where I could be
And whatever problems I had on this road
I can not deny that God believes in second chances
Because I'm living in one

God granted mercy for my sins
His love overwhelmed my hate
And I'm out of control
Because I only have one choice
To serve Him for the rest of my days

1 comment:

Joanna said...

This one just comes across so genuine, clear, and passionate all at the same time. I love it!