Monday, February 11, 2008

You Can't Stay

I saw you yesterday
The day after then before
Always standing at my door
With your hands in the air
Your veins rolling to the floor
I knew I had seen you somewhere before
I walk by you in the morning
On my way to the store
When I come back
You’re always waiting at the door
And your stone washed face
Reminds me of different days
Your heart all ablaze
But you never noticed it
Maybe another day
Then yesterday you weren’t at my door
You were standing next to my bed
Feet flat on the floor
And you spoke for the first time in awhile
“Don’t you remember me?”
You said with a sad smile
Yes, I remember you
But I must ask you to leave
It’s embarrassing when people walk in and can’t see
But stop
And stare
Don’t say a word
But know that there was something there
They walked past you
Straight through you
And then looked at me knowing I knew it too
So, it’s time you leave
Don’t say goodbye to me
Take your pain, drugs, and abuse
Some place new
Because my future holds no place for the past
Standing at my door
And that past is you

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