Thursday, February 21, 2008

Truthful Eyes

Don't look at my eyes tonight
I fear their betrayal
... Exposing my lies

It isn't for you to know
Maybe I cared a little more than I showed
Let me keep my secrets
The world does not to need to know
All the things my heart holds

The thoughts
Running through my mind constantly
Are mine alone tonight

So, let me speak of the weather
And stare off into the sky
Then you might not ever know
That there are things I need to tell you
I'll just keep staring at the trees
Rambling of nothing that's important to me

Just don't look at my eyes
Because my secrets burn through my soul
And my eyes tell all


Jennifer said...

another good one, Catie...

Don't you hate that feeling, when you know your eyes are betraying you...but at the same time, I guess I also hate conversations about nothing...when you have everything on your mind.

Again, I love you...and I LOVE reading your poems. They make me feel close to you even though, I'm a whole continent away.

Catie said...

Aw! Jennifer! I miss you too! And yes, I do hate that feeling. Sometimes people call me out on it. I won't ever look people in the eyes when I'm talking about something serious... 'cause I can sound like I don't care but I feel like if we make eye contact they'll know that I'm lying.