Sunday, February 24, 2008


These things
Just don't mean that much to me
And life is still trying to break me
But tonight
I need to breathe in every word You speak
And if I must
I will hang on to the hem of Your garment
Until You heal me
And when I'm let down
I'm not going to move till You tell me

Just because I see
Doesn't mean that I don't have needs
Just because I'm "strong"
Doesn't mean that I don't bleed

When I see You
I don't always reach
When I sleep
You're not always in my dreams
But in life
Your face is all I ever want to see
And in love
Your heart is all that I need

At the end of the day
I need You to redeem all the time that's went to waste


kimberly said...

Very Good. Shows real emotion.

kimberly said...

Thanks for visiting and for your comment. You are good.

m said...

And if I must
I will hang on to the hem of Your garment

I love this line, a very creative metaphor to show your faith. You're getting so good at writing, Catie! I'm so proud of you! It's very brave that you will explore this deeper part of yourself, and try to put it into words:) ~

Jennifer said...

I loved it...I like the end, about Him redeeming all the time we wasted...

All my love stuffed in a bottle and sent across the Atlantic,